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【Embrace the trend and explore new gold mines! 】 Lianchengfa Channel Solutions Start from Guiyang!

2019-07-23 11:39:23

The dog days have quietly arrived, and the performance market is still spreading. A series of high-quality dramas have appeared in turn, nourishing people's spiritual and cultural life. Behind this can not be separated from the hard work of stage equipment renters, who sweat to ensure that every interpretation is brilliant in place. However, the traditional industry of stage equipment leasing is becoming more and more unstable. Some bosses complain that it is more and more difficult to earn money, invest more and recover cost slowly. Especially this year, competition is big and profit is low. When the development of any industry comes to a bottleneck, it is necessary to set off a trend of reform to clean up the old and welcome the new. Only in this way can the industry continue to develop!

On July 21, 2019, Lianchengfa launched its fifth national tour in Guiyang. At the meeting, Mr. Xie Jin, General Manager of Lianshunda (Lianchengfa Subsidiary), was in high spirits. He gave his best state to explain Lianchengfa's strength for the meeting, and sent out details on behalf of the company to lead the new development of the leasing industry of wumei. Lianchengfa will develop a new mode of inviting investment by leasing wumei, break through people's opinions on the pain points of the past industry and the troubles it has caused, rebuild a new mode in terms of products, technology, capital and services, and provide the most high-quality and complete set of cooperative solutions for people with lofty ideals. After listening to Xie's sharing, the industry listers  on the spot said
Active response and discussion. Among them, we focus on the introduction of Lianchengfa Stage Rental Series "Dragon Series" products, as well as related module accessories sales policy.

Under the arrangement of the organizer, the meeting entered a free exchange link. The focus of the whole meeting was on the booth of Liancheng Development. Everyone could not wait to come to know the cooperation mode and the products of "Dragon Series". Although only one of the "Dragon Series" was displayed on the spot, "Dragon Art". It was false to say that there was no regret, but it did not affect everyone. Experience interest, after all, just a "dragon art" is enough to shock the whole audience, beautiful and portable box, ultra-high refresh frequency display effect, advanced protection technology greatly reduces the difficulty of later maintenance work, so that you can not help but thumbs up for this stage-born LED display product!

After the successful completion of the tour in Guiyang, the whole set of solutions proposed by Liancheng Fair for the leasing channel of LED wumei has been affirmed by everyone. Some customers joke that wumei leasing industry is about to usher in a "new gold mine". The initiator of this mode, Liancheng Fair, will also shoulder the important task of revitalizing the development of the industry, and will lease wumei a new ecological mode. Promote to the whole country, lead everyone to embrace the new trend, make it possible to win by lying down!

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