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GRAFINCA 2019 ▏LCF Lights China’s LED Screen

2019-09-24 11:35:22

The autumn wind blew, ripening the wheat in the field. At this time, China was a scene of harvest, while in Peru in South America, it was just a spring of vitality, taking advantage of this spring breeze, and LCF bloomed in Peru. A bright colorful flower has lighted up the LED screen of China!

From September 19th to 22nd, 2019, GRAFINCA 2019 in Peru was successfully held at the Lima Exhibition Center. There were hundreds of international exhibitors on the scene, and tens of millions of visitors blocked the roads. It was full of excitement.

It has been two years since the last time that LCF participated in the GRAFINCA exhibition in Peru. Unlike the last GRAFINCA, this time, LCF brought the new L series products of the LED industry. On September 19th, the “L Series” was lit up at the Lima Exhibition Center, and the new eco-display products made by the ingenuity made LCF once again become the focus of the GRAFINCA exhibition!

During the GRAFINCA exhibition, the “LY”, “LT” and “LX” three series all showed up, bringing a wonderful visual display to the audience. The L series products have changed the style of traditional LED display, infused with more ingenious craftsmanship and personalized design, which makes the product more powerful, saves the distortion and makes the color reborn!

While giving surprises to the professional audience on the spot, it also broadened the road for product promotion. Through the exchanges with the industry, LCF has learned more about the development trends of South America and the needs and expectations of users. Every exhibition is an opportunity to draw closer to local users, and listen carefully to the voices of the audience in order to meet the needs to create a display that users really want!

The GRAFINCA exhibition has closed perfectly. LCF has exuded its infinite charm in the limited booth space. The “L Series” has also been recognized by the industry. Of course, our efforts and excitement will not stop. The reason why named it “L Series” is that it carries the dream of Chinese national enterprises. In the future, the "L Series" will also explore more front-end technologies, strengthen innovation, produce good quality screens, and let LED screens of China light up every corner of the world!

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