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GRAFINCA 2019 ▏The Journey Never Ends!

2019-09-03 11:15:04

The arrival of the golden autumn September also means the arrival of the fruitful season. LCF has never stopped the pace of exploration since founded in 2004. In the past 15 years, LCF has won a solid market position and brand reputation in China, at the same time, it has gradually entered into the international market and has established good relations of cooperation with companies from more than 100 countries such as France, Germany, Spain etc., with more than 30 overseas independent agents.This September, LCF will once again set foot on the international journey to harvest their own fruits!

Peru international advertising show - GRAFINCA 2019 will be held from September 19 to September 22 in Lima exhibition centre of Peru. GRAFINCA, as one of the major advertising manufacturing and printing fairs in the south Pacific, has been successfully held for 15 years with a great influence in the world. There were more than 200 enterprises who attended the previous GRAFINCA exhibition, including many international well-known enterprises and more than twenty thousand professional audiences, thus this is a very good opportunity for enterprises exchange.

This year’s GRAFINCA will also be a grand gathering of international enterprises. Facing this coming international industry exchange event, LCF is very excited. Through the exhibition, LCF can learn about the development trend of international related industries and the most advanced new technologies, which will promote LCF to futher explore the international market. In order to meet this industry feast, LCF will show its best strength and lead “L series” new ecological products and multi-field application solutions to present GRAFINCA.

The international journey never ends!
It is our responsibility to present Chinese brand to the world!
GRAFINCA 2019 will meet better LCF!

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